I started my professional career in education, advertising and media sales and have been working in the field of Real Estate in Toronto for over a decade. Having grown up in this dynamic and ever-changing city, I have the expertise to shortlist the areas based on my client’s needs, thus saving them valuable time, money and energy.
On the listing side, I have a wide network of contacts that support my clients in the preparation of their home for sale. Having these resources at my fingertips allows them to feel confident knowing that the seemingly endless to-do list will be completed in a timely and efficient manner. My belief is that we are essentially in a partnership working together toward the same goal. On the negotiation side, my aim is to never leave money on the table and to educate them to make the right decision when dealing with offers.
I am a highly motivated and knowledgeable professional who works tirelessly until the job is complete and everyone is happy. My goal is to make this process seamless and stress free. I feel very fortunate that my clients view me as a hardworking, trustworthy, down to earth, dedicated professional who is passionate about my career. I believe that my consistent results and track record showcase these skills.